5 Reasons to Get an Event Planner for Your Next Event

By: Ciara Walker Williams

Whether you’re planning an event for yourself or a loved one, the goal is to provide an experience that everyone will enjoy and remember. Looking through Pinterest for ideas and talking about your plans can be exciting, but for some, the reality of putting it all together can become very daunting.

Below are five reasons to stop panicking about how to get it all done and call sisters Kim and Kashayla of Klassic Events. Klassic Events is a premier event planning company based in Southaven, MS serving clients in MS, TN, and AR.

1. Event Planners Help You Get Organized

The first step when working with the ladies of Klassic Events is a consultation. This is your opportunity to share those boards that you’ve pinned and talk through your ideas (the occasion, date, budget, theme, colors, menu, etc.). From there, your event planners will take what may have become clutter in your brain and turn them into an organized action plan with a checklist of next steps and to-dos.

2. Event Planners Save You Time

Both ladies of Klassic Events are mothers and understand the challenges you may have with work-life balance. So, after the action plan is put into place, you can decide just how involved you want to be in the process of planning your big event. Having event planners who are creative, adaptable, and pay attention to details gives you the confidence needed to let go and let them plan and coordinate your event from start to finish.

3. Event Planners Save You Money

Some people worry that hiring an event planner will cost more money than planning the event on their own. Actually, hiring an event planner can save you money (say what?!). That’s right. Experienced event planners have a network of suppliers and vendors that they work with, which can afford you discounts on the venue, decorations, and more. In addition, savvy event planners like the owners of Klassic Events have mastered the skill of negotiation. They like a good deal, and they like getting their clients good deals. Remember that budget you mentioned during the consultation? It’s a win-win.

4. Event Planners Have Connections

Networking is a big part of what the sisters of Klassic Events do. Not only are they involved in their community; they also support other local businesses. Through their networking, they have built relationships with vendors for food, floral, rentals, and more. When your event planners are well connected, you have a one-stop shop for all of your event planning needs.

5. Event Planners Are Stress Relievers

Planning quality and memorable events take a lot of time and effort. When you’re balancing other responsibilities, such as working and caring for your family, remembering all of the tiny details and planning for any unforeseen circumstances can be overwhelming. Instead of allowing yourself to become stressed and anxious, call Klassic Events at 901-249-1061 or 901-249-0897 and get the relief you need.